The organizers of the 7th annual Grindrod Garlic Festival invite you and your family to join local growers for a taste of everything garlic, and more!

This year’s Grindrod Garlic Festival happens on Sunday, August 21, from 9-4 at the Grindrod Park, Highway 97A North of Enderby. Admission is $3.00 per person.

Grindrod Garlic Festival Enjoy a day of live music, art, crafts and local produce by the river. Stock up your winter’s supply of your favorite garlic varieties. Sign up for the popular (and free) garlic braiding and growing workshops, or learn about raising small flock chickens. Create an ode to garlic poem to be read aloud at the Festival. Combine the fresh ingredients provided in the garlic cooking contest into a delectable dish, or dare to enter the garlic eating contest. Come join the fun!

The community section features activities for children such as felting, a StoryWalk® about a bear and bee, bubbles and chalk drawing and more.

Enter this year in the People’s Choice art competition. Submit an original garlic-themed drawing or painting by 9 am at the information booth on festival day, August 21. The works of art will be displayed at the Festival for voting, and the winning piece will be used for next year’s Garlic Festival poster.

From Most Unusual Shape to Most Varieties Grown, there is a garlic class to fit everyone. Festival organizers are looking for submissions for the following contests: Garlic, Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Show; and Photography: “Anything Garlic!” “Life on the Farm” or “Pets and People.”

Bring your contest entries to the information booth before 11 am on festival day, August 21, then enjoy the Festival and workshops. A list of the competition classes and other details are available at the Grindrod Garlic Festival Facebook Page.

For more info call
Gabriele, Garlic Festival Co-ordinator, (250) 306-6582




Grindrod Garlic Festival

Garlic Festival Contests
Anyone can enter in these contests.
Garlic Festival
Garlic, Vegetable and Herb Show
Garlic Classes
  • Best Hard Neck Garlic 
  • Best Soft Neck Garlic 
  • Best Coloured Garlic 
  • Biggest Garlic any variety 
  • Most varieties of Garlic 
  • Most unusual shaped Garlic 
  • Best Garlic Braid (class for hardneck and softneck)
  • Best home-baked garlic bread 
  • Best Garlic pickles
  • Best Garlic Photo
  • Best Garlic Art
  • Best Garlic Poetry

Vegetable and Herb Classes
  • Collection of 3 homegrown vegetables, 3 each kind 
  • Collection of 3 homegrown fruits or berries, 3 each kind
  • Bouquet of 3 herbs 

One of our learning opportunities

Backyard Chicken Workshop
Come and learn about raising small flock chicken
at the community section tents

8:00 -11:00 Garlic Competition
9:00 - Vendor Sales starting
9:00 - Musical Entertainment
12:00 - Musical Entertainment
2:00 - Garlic Cook Off
2:30 - Silent Auction closes
pick up items by 3.30
4.00 - Vendors allowed to pack up

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